Rochester Gear


About Rochester Gear

Rochester Gear, Inc., is an eminent manufacturer of small and medium sized gears. We are a world class competitor especially known for customer service and unexcelled product quality.
We started as a small lot production machine shop in 1925 and bought our first piece of gear cutting equipment in 1952.  In 1994 Rochester Bevel Gear, which was in existence since 1945, was purchased by Rochester Gear, Inc. Our gears have helped launch Xerox copiers and helped the moon buggy navigate the surface of the moon.Rochester Gear
We service a wide variety of different industries including power hand tools, portable mixers, business machines, off–road vehicles, medical equipment, peripheral aircraft equipment, and meat processing equipment, to name just a few.

Let us be your Gear Supplier because of our:

  • Superior Quality
  • On Time Delivery
  • Competitive Prices
  • Technical Expertise (19 – 35 Years)
  • Skilled Machinist (70% Greater than 10 years employment)

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